There are many ways in which the innovations around Blockchain can be better adopted by the Dutch government. This comes down to ensuring that regulatory bodies in The Netherlands are informed about the imminent impact of this technology on our economy, society and the positive consequences for our international reputation as a technologically innovative country.

From all our experiences, it has become crystal clear that collaboration with larger corporations in The Netherlands absolutely requires the existence of basic regulatory guidelines. This inspires trust for the traditional corporate world, and allows the separation between unprofessional and professional blockchain startups for everyone. It begins with informing and labelling the movements in this upcoming industry.

Concretely, I see the following goals as essential in order to inspire healthy adoption and properly regulated innovation in the blockchain ecosystem in The Netherlands:


Create more awareness among the AFM and DNB. Incentivize involvement from blockchain startups and the regulatory bodies in The Netherlands with the creation of basic national regulatory guidelines for blockchain innovation (including crypto’s). This pertains to compliance requirements to ensure consumer protection (which was raised as an essential point during our conversation as well), and the ability for blockchain startups to comply with - now essentially non-existent - basic regulations in order to collaborate with large corporations.

Influence and empowerment

Play a role in linking decision makers in corporations and regulatory bodies in The Netherlands to blockchain startups in The Netherlands. Allow us to inform and educate the right people about the opportunities and risks of this technology and its impact on our society and economy.

Let's see where the future takes us, and try to impact it positively amidst the storm.