Google cloud is quite neat.

I'm no AWS expert, but I have used AWS, Digital Ocean and some smaller (Dutch) cloud/hosting providers like Transip, Hostnet and CloudVPS.

Some things I found that make GCP interesting:

  • Constant investment in Kubernetes and its ecosystem;
  • Pricing is very competitive;
  • High investment in making security accessible and simple to maintain;
  • Network performance and its configuration is top of the line;
  • Zero trust networks through promotion of BeyondCorp is a great plus;
  • The gcloud CLI is intuitive and flexible;
  • Integrations with G Suite and other Google services makes efficient usage of cloud for non-dev purposes very feasible, and operational processes can be enhanced with cloud integration (e.g. Google Datastudio, Sheets integration for BigQuery etc);
  • Promotion of SRE and DevOps best practices;
  • Investment in DevOps practically:

Cool products:

Couple of annoyances:

  • Resizing Cloud SQL in a HA fashion isn't possible;
  • No support for Kafka as a service (yet);
  • Serverless support is a bit lacking, though they're working hard on improving that;
  • No ability to automatically create snapshots of VM's and rotate backups (though Cloud SQL does allow this).

The list of findings can go on and on.. I'll keep updating on my experiences with these new GCP features as they roll out every now and then.

As I'm experimenting with ML and AI every now and then, some will come in handy!