A phenomenological tool resembling a healthy state and perception of self.

Thinking tool. A phenomenological tool resembling a healthy state and perception of self, and not as influenced by biases as usual.

Consciously letting go of the inner tyrant you live can be to yourself (demanding your own obedience), allowing you to live with your preferences and not being disappointed in not living up to your current ideals, in order to live up to your longer term ideals.

Finding yourself exactly at the edge of the known parts of yourself, being happy with what you accomplished recently know and excited about what you are working on.

Why is this important?

Due to all the biases we have in our minds, some relevant ones being the peak end rule, the salience bias, halo effect and many others, it's quite important to treat our own feelings (for which we are entirely responsible) with the respect we deserve.

This requires daily practice and a lot of dedication. An article that articulates why this matters pretty well is found on 'waitbutwhy'.

Taking the time to:

  • Acknowledge where you ego is in your thoughts, and just see its presence;
  • Reflect on the things you have done and felt, taking your core values into account and not the subjective feeling of relevance;
  • Set the goals based on what you've found while acknowledging that you can make small steps every day;

Is valuable, in my own experience (I don't do it enough though). Self homeostasis is essential here: it's the trick of bringing back the 'self' to reality, and not its bubble filled with.. you.