We do standups because at Luminum Solutions, next to providing clarity on the status of everyones work, it helps us to:

  • Form a concrete idea about the goals for today
  • Rethink what we will do today, and why
  • Maybe even how, that’d be really great
  • Let you think about what you did yesterday, and compare this to today
  • Inform everyone of the progress you’re making
  • Let a positive form of social pressure motivate us to reach our goals for the day
  • Warn others about things that might conflict or overlap in the daily planning
  • Prevent too many meetings about progress and coordination in planning
  • Keep the planning tools up to date
  • Let other teammates support us in keeping our planning up to date
  • Prime us to think about work in terms of goals, instead of filling a day with the repetitive activity that work can consist of, leading to a more accurate and motivated idea of what work actually is

Especially during more busy times, like the one we're currently in because of the upcoming Dutch Elections (Tweede kamerverkiezingen 2017) and the launch of Kieskompas/Election Compass, it's great to do standup meetings over Slack.

Doing it in person forces everyone to sync schedules, but freedom in work and the way you start your day is very important to us. Being able to report in an hour later or earlier because you were free to change your morning schedule to your physical/mental preferences for that day is a good thing!