Well. Python doesn't necessarily make coding awesome, but gives you the tools to write awesome code. Which feels awesome. You can find a quick and easy demonstration of what Pythonic/Djangonic code can feel like here:

send_to = list()

for friend_id in users:
    friend = User.objects.get(pk=friend_id)
  except User.DoesNotExist:
  if friend.push_notification_token:
    send_to.append((friend.pk, friend.apn_token))


send_to = [(f.pk, f.apn_token) for f in User.objects.get(pk__in=users, apn_token__isnull=False)]

Feels good! So much productive. Wow.

A good read with examples on what 'Pythonic' is, can be found here: http://blog.startifact.com/posts/older/what-is-pythonic.html, written by Martijn Faassen.