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What I do

In essence, I let teams execute better, using modern technology.

I work as a CTO or with other entrepreneurs, engineers and executives to achieve a companies' goals with high quality and minimal waste of human energy and engineering power. I believe frugality is warranted for.

Tools I think and work with are: Python, Go, TypeScript, Ansible, Terraform, blockchain (particularly interested in Cosmos/Tendermint/bitcoin/Ethereum). I run things using Docker, Vagrant, Kubernetes, Google Cloud and sometimes pen and paper. For fun, I like to try things in Scala or Go every now and then.

My work story

I enjoy building software, ideas and companies. My path of programming started at a young age, and developed professionally from age 16 and onward. My first language was C, inspired by my fathers' collection of programming books. I eventually came to love Python. Ever since, we tirelessly argued why I didn't choose Java.

In my work, I'm focused on building and understanding profoundly balanced engineering cultures, infrastructure and software. I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. Naturally and happily, I still have a lot to learn.

Since I started professionally, I've worked on systems in the hospitality industry, politics, insurance, fashion, recruitment, real estate, fintech, healthcare and even esoteric advice. This has helped me form a holistic view of the modern technology scene and its limitless capabilities.

At age 19, I started working as a contractor using Python, AngularJS and Ansible. I did this for around 2 years. At age 21, I grew a web development agency to 8 people that I ran together with Mansouraya Pieters. We used Kubernetes and Google Cloud extensively. We scaled this company down at the end of 2017, and I co-founded Blockport as a CTO.

This was by far the most experienced team I ever got lucky enough to work with. I built confidence in my hiring skills, learned a ton about blockchain, architecture, DevOps, security and engineering culture. And about funding :) The feedback I got from most teammates was that it was the best engineering team they ever joined. I'm happy to say our uptime was 99,9% and our mean time to resolution (MTTR) averaged out under 2 hours. A hint of what we built is here and here.

We're currently still working on Blockport. In my other time, if any, I still like to talk and work to help other teams perform better using DevOps principles. It's a personal passion to integrate human fulfillment into our technology sector more.

Interests and hobbies

I’m striving to become a better learner and thinker. Topics I’m currently curious about include:

  • Social sciences (psychology, relationships, politics)
  • Science topics (neuroscience, complex adaptive systems, computer simulations, cryptography, software engineering, biology)
  • Philosophy (metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, eastern, objectivism)
  • Entrepreneurship (branding, futurism, strategy, economy, marketing, storytelling).

My hobbies are reading, food (lots), calisthenics, kickboxing, travel and wandering through the mind by meditation or deep conscious thought.

Physical and mental fitness is something I value a lot too. I started kickboxing quite intensively during puberty (16) and have been doing sports all my life. Having tried karate, kickboxing, MMA and a little BJJ, I eventually transitioned into calisthenics to learn the planche (a 2 year goal). At this point, I'm not even close. But continue to train almost every day!

Find me:

You can mostly find me trying to build things like ideas, low carb meals, my body and mind, infrastructure or software. Or just something I broke by accident ;)

Find me online:

Or, just contact me here.

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