👋 Hello!

And thanks for taking interest. This is my 'get to know me' page.

Things I focus on now:


What I do

I'm interested in public interest technology, and fascinated by the idea of flourishing/Eudaimonia with the aid of technology. And I work with engineers and other entrepreneurs to build companies.

Work(ed) extensively with: Obsidian, Python ecosystem, Golang, TypeScript, Flutter, Terraform, blockchains (particular interest in Cosmos/Avalanche/bitcoin/Ethereum). I run things using Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud and my note taking system. Other than that I dabble in new technologies quite frequently so won't name them all.

And I enjoy reading about a large random set of other topics largely related to futurism, psychology, economics, philosophy, building companies and productivity.

As part of my personal OKR's, I want to do more with hardware, and help more startups grow. I've made a ton of mistakes, and think I've done an OK job of learning from them so far. On to more :)

My work story

I enjoy building software, ideas and companies. My programming journey started at a young age, and developed professionally from age 16 and onward. My first language was C on a noob level, inspired by my fathers' collection of programming books. I eventually came to love Python's design and ecosystem. Ever since, we argued about why I didn't choose Java.

In my work, I'm focused on building and understanding productive systems of engineering collaboration, products and startups. I've moved from purely coding to more of a 'builders' mindset over the years, seeing technology as a tool to solve relevant problems in the world, rather than relevant problems just in tech.

Since I started professionally, I've worked on systems in the hospitality industry, politics, insurance, fashion, recruitment, real estate, fintech, crypto, healthcare and even esoteric advice. This has helped me form a holistic view of the modern startup space and its capabilities.

At age 19, I started working as a contractor using Python, AngularJS and Ansible. I did this for around 2 years and was asked to build Kieskompas from scratch. When I was 21, this work grew into a web development agency that scaled to 8 people. We used Kubernetes and Google Cloud extensively. We scaled this company down at the end of 2017, and I co-founded Blockport as a CTO. I might write more about why I decided to scale down a properly running agency, but in short I was young enough to take stupid risk and I didn't enjoy scaling it enough.

Blockport's early engineering team was the most experienced team I ever got lucky enough to work with. I built confidence in my hiring skills, learned a ton about blockchain, architecture, DevOps, security and engineering culture. And about the do's and don'ts of funding :) The feedback I got from most teammates was that it was one of the best engineering teams they ever joined. A hint of what we built is here and here.

We have been acquired by BUX in January 2020. I functioned as the Head of Technology for BUX Crypto, eventually focusing more on-chain innovation and helping BUX weather a pretty big tech market downturn in 2022/2023. I'm exploring new ambitious ventures for the future while I build the small bets mentioned above, together with others.

Interests and hobbies

I’m striving to become a better learner and thinker. Topics I’m currently curious about include:

  • Building systems for performance (habits, reflection, meditation)
  • Personal development (psychology, relationships, leadership)
  • Science and innovation (augmented thinking, machine learning, neuroscience, system theory, complex adaptive systems, computer simulations, cryptography, software engineering, biology)
  • Philosophy (stoicism, metaphysics, phenomenology, existentialism, eastern, objectivism, socratic and presocratic period)
  • Entrepreneurship (branding, futurism, strategy, economy, marketing, storytelling)
  • Holistic health (fasting, nutrition, calisthenics, sports, sleep)

Physical and mental fitness is something I value a lot. I started kickboxing quite intensively when I was younger and have been doing sports all my life. Having tried karate, kickboxing, MMA and a little BJJ, I eventually transitioned into calisthenics to learn the planche (a 2 year goal, which is now more realistically 4 to 8 years with my length, weight and overuse injuries I deal with). At this point, I'm not even close. But continue to train consistently!

Find me:

You can mostly find me trying to build ideas, my body and mind, infrastructure or software. Maybe some more physical things soon. Or just something I broke by accident ;)

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