Consistency is for the ego

Consistency for consistency's sake is for the ego. It's simple. Consistency for progress' sake is for added value. It's hard.

Consistency is for the ego

One could apply consistency because we know it's important. This results in, well, consistency.

However, you must wonder: what is it good for? It is certainly a test of willpower. But does it enable you to create something novel? Is your output stimulated positively?

For example, we could do a meditation every morning. This could be done out of discipline. Naturally, we shouldn't skip the meditation because we just don't feel like it. But what if you wake up feeling calm, centered and very creative. At that point, choosing to be consistent might diminish your output.

Or you might wake up tired and groggy, and know that a workout will do you more good in that moment, and then end the day with a meditation before you go to bed. If you meditate anyways, you need to adapt to the structure you impose on yourself.

This is consistency for consistency's sake. And I think it's actually ego that drives it. It feels good to check all your boxes. But is that a good way to stimulate neural or neuromuscular adaptations? Perhaps. Is it the only way? Probably not. The best way? I'm convinced it isn't.

Macro: Be consistent.

Micro: Be adaptive.

Macro: Measure and reflect.

Micro: Reflect and experiment.

Macro: Set goals.

Micro: Take action.