Thinking tool. An adaptive principle.

Remove habits or change behavior by changing the availability of something (fully, or form of) in your life, making room for new things to fill that time or ensuring you create new habits and thought patterns that override older ones.

This can also mean walking away from something, or turning something off.

Phases that come after the intention of changing some routine are, as I noted:

  • Resistance (letting go is quite hard in habit and emotion: can feel like getting up in the morning, or as much a routine as brushing teeth);
  • Confusion and suffering: there is a hole, it needs to be filled (what do I do?);
  • Balancing: filling it with changed behavior - gratification.

Very much related to habits. Remove the cue, fill it with a new one and use the habit framework for new routines. Rewards are the most important factor for adopting new ones, in my experience.